Industry Solutions

We provide customized solutions for the security, fire and life safety industries because we recognize that a one size fits all solution just won’t work.


Our experience working with security, fire, and life safety firms sets The CMOOR Group apart from other eLearning vendors.

We have worked hard to develop a variety of partnerships with leading associations and businesses in construction and related industries. These partnerships enable us to better assist you in creating content for your training courses. By leveraging our existing resources and relationships, we offer you insight that no other online education partner can.

As your eLearning partner, The CMOOR Group will be able to provide training that offers increased value and quality information-thanks to our partners!

We have created training for and developed relationships in the following industries:


  • Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Construction
  • Telecom

Targeted Programs

The security, fire, and life safety industries have complex needs. Direct sales forces. Distributor channels. Technical product requirements. Industry standards. At The CMOOR Group we understand that and create programs specifically designed to assist you, no matter where you need to focus your educational efforts.

While every company has unique needs, we have created programs to fit the following functions:

Custom-designed training programs to assist with new-hire training; new product roll-out training; sales skills courses; and a wide variety of computer skills courses necessary to bring a non-technical sales force up to speed.

Custom designed training programs for your end-users.

CMOOR understands the complex relationships that exist in the construction business between the manufacturer and the distributors/dealers. When you need a training program for your channels we can help you create it. Whether it’s a new product roll-out, continuing education, or assisting with brand recognition, we can create it.

Product training can take on many flavors from technical, installation, new product roll-outs and introductions, and non-proprietary industry training sessions based on new standards. The CMOOR Group has handled product-related training on these and many other levels.

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Potential?

Tour Our Courses and Demo a Course

The only way to learn about eLearning is to see it in action. Take a tour of some of the top shelf courses we’ve created for our clients and see the functionality for yourself. The link to the right will take you to a demo of The CMOOR Group SUTRA Learning Management System (LMS), some of our content, and our Obsequio Compliance Manager.

If you would like to learn more about these courses or The CMOOR Group SUTRA LMS, contact an eLearning professional at 502-254-1590. We can answer your questions and if you like, schedule a live web demonstration of The CMOOR Group SUTRA LMS,, or Obsequio Compliance Manager.